How Maidenform helped win the war

In 1944 carrier pigeons were extremely important in the war effort. They carried important information from the front lines to the command centers. The problem was getting the carrier pigeons to those front lines safely. Initially, pigeons were dropped from planes in small containers with parachutes attached. Inevitably some got caught in trees. Others came … Read More

The word “salary” comes from the word salt

In ancient times salt was valued very highly. It was used for many varied reasons including pottery-making, mummification and food preservation. It was historically used as a method of trade and currency, including the purchase of slaves. The phrase “not worth his salt” comes from that fact. It originates from the Latin ‘salarium argentum’, the … Read More

Official weather temperatures are always recorded in the shade

Most weather stations are protected by a shield or are located in some sort of instrument shelter, which is located a distance above the ground to keep it from reading temperatures as cooler than they are. The shield or shelter itself keeps the thermometer out of the sun and therefore makes the reading more accurate … Read More

Kawaii means “cute” in Japanese

Not to be confused with the Hawaiian island Kauai, Kawaii means “cute”. Kawaii is not only enjoyed, but it’s a pursuit in Japan, somewhat defining the Japanese aesthetic currently. With Kawaii icons like Hello Kitty, Pokemon and the wide-eyed innocent look of anime, the Kawaii movement has grown world-wide.

Have a chocolate pot? You need a chocolate muddler

Hot Chocolate drinks have been popular since the Victorian era, and it’s from that time that we get the chocolate muddler. Hot chocolate used to be served from large pots (similar to coffee pots) made of porcelain or metal where the chocolate would end up settling on the bottom. This was because the chocolate was … Read More

Yes, there was an Egyptian Cheetah Goddess. Her name was Mafdet.

A precursor to the goddess Bastet (and her alter-ego Sekhmet), Mafdet was the first feline goddess. Prominent during the reign of the First Dynasty pharaoh Den, she was often depicted as a woman with the head of a cheetah. She is also mentioned in the Old Kingdom Pyramid Texts as protecting the sun god Re … Read More

Rattan is not just for furniture – you can eat it

If you find raw rattan (the plant), you can cut away the nasty, thorn-laden outer husk to get to the inside (the palm heart) that tastes like a potato. Full of starchy fiber, it will make you feel full.